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Energy Ink is mass distributed to dozens of locations in Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas, distributed to sixteen Energy Expos in five states and one in China, and is direct mailed to individuals in forty-two states and Canada.  Some companies entire board of ...

Workplace Culture
KLJ is a growing multidisciplinary professional services firm with more than 750 employees throughout the Midwest and Florida, but it’s not just any ordinary, growing company. What began as a small family firm has evolved into a dynamic leader in engineering excellence. A vital...

Aftermath: Is the Storm Over?
It sounds melodramatic, but it is terribly serious.  The oil industry, and perhaps the global economy, is standing at a crossroads.  Down one path, the storm is over... and it has been a storm.  Tens of thousands of jobs lost, billions of dollars in capital evaporated, and the promise ...   

A Tale of Two Scenarios
Citibank has put it in perspective.  The oil industry is in such trouble that the global economy is being threatened.  In a recent New York Daily Magazine article, a Citi strategist warned that due to the extended oil price collapse, the global economy “appears to be trapped in a death spiral".   Just because oil prices are coming back, that doesn’t mean the worst is over.  Recall last Summer when the same appeared…

Low Prices Through 2017?
The Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO) released on January 12, which is the first STEO to include projections for 2017, forecasts Brent crude oil prices will average $40 per barrel (b) in 2016 and $50/b in 2017. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil prices are expected to be $2/b lower than Brent in 2016 and $3/b lower than Brent in 2017...

War of the Currents
Homeless children had been paid a few pennies by Harold Brown, an electrical engineer (a relatively new job title in 1888) to gather stray dogs for the demonstration which would take place before the New York Board of Electrical Control at Columbia College July 30th of that year.  Brown entered the room of electrical engineers and press and began by stating he had no hidden intentions in proving to the Board, and those in attendance, that a dangerous force was taking hold …

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