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Winter 2014

Common Sense Theft Prevention:  Not so common?
by Kendall Jones
originally published in
Construction Data Company News, as
part of the November 8, 2012 article
“The High Cost of Construction Site Theft”


Erecting an 8-ft. tall, razor wire topped fence with infrared security cameras surrounding the perimeter with armed security guards on patrol after hours isn’t always a viable option. So let’s take a look at some of the other preventative measures you can take to secure your construction site.

Establish a theft prevention policy and ensure all employees and subcontractors are made aware of the rules and consequences for stealing.

Secure your construction site by locking up tools and building materials in storage boxes and cargo trailers with heavy gauge, tamper resistant locks and chains. Maintain an inventory log of all materials, tools, equipment and keys to ensure that everything is accounted for at the end of each workday.

Securing your heavy equipment can be as simple and low tech as removing batteries or wheels, lowering blades and buckets, and locks designed to immobilize controls or to keep the wheels from moving in a straight line to more high tech options such as alarms, fuel and ignition cut-off switches, and GPS tracking devices.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, equipment manufacturers adopted a standard worldwide 17-digit product identification number (PIN) system beginning with their year 2000 models. Have this number engraved or bead welded on two separate locations of the equipment, one obvious and one hidden, in order to identify in the event of a theft. Keep records of make, model and the serial number or PIN along with photos of each piece of equipment from multiple angles. 

To find out more on theft prevention and ways to secure your construction site contact your local contractors’ association, law enforcement agency, or a surveillance monitoring company such as our advertiser Sure Scan Solutions for more information.

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By Eric Sharpe, Editor, Energy Ink Magazine. January 1st, 2014.


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