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The images on the following pages took the Ink’s graphic design team a lot of hours in research and design to create.  It is being provided to show the most comprehensive and accurate view of the drilling process to be found in print or on the web. Typical diagrams of the drilling process rarely show a scale model to accurately reflect the depths at which drillers work to reach the oil bearing Bakken shale zone.  During the drilling process to the Bakken’s 10,000 foot depths, drillers will cut through dozens of layers of rock of various composition and strengths.  Other images below portray the process of fracking itself.  Each graphic is linked to its place in the Spring Issue. These images may be used for educational purposes but can not be alterred. For any other purpose, please contact Energy Ink Magazine.

(NOTE: The below was revised for minor corrections on 7/24/2014)

Drilling Cross Section

Fracking Explained 1

Fracking Explained

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