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Energy Ink Magazine covers the energy industry in the American Plains and Rocky Mountain region.  Our deeply researched coverage has truly impacted decision making in the oil, gas, and coal industries and is distributed to energy professionals in forty-two states and Canada as well as at marquee energy expos in Montana, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. 

Acting as one part trade publication and one part news source for energy workers and the public, Energy Ink also serves as a powerful marketing tool for companies as our broad approach to content engages readers of all levels of influence.  The leadership of nearly every major oil, gas, and coal company in the nation receives copies of our publication and in some cases, our content has been used to inform board members in presentations and for training purposes of workers at all levels. 

The magazine focuses on topics key to the coal, petroleum, natural gas, renewable, and related industries.  This includes general articles, investigative stories, data based reporting, and interviews related to any topics within and across the industry.  Our approach is holistic in that articles span all types of power production and job levels in order to inform the reader of the important value our nation's energy industry from a deep and broad perspective.

The magazine’s focus deals primary with topics key to the American Plains and Rocky Mountain Energy Industry.  There is an especially high concentration of energy resources and energy workers in this region which creates an “energy corridor” that provides a natural area of focus though we do cover national and international issues which impact our region.

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We pursue a multi tier distribution system.
- Direct Mailers –mailed directly to key management personnel within the industry.
- Energy Expos – multiple copies are distributed to the most impactful Energy Expositions in the coutnry, and internationally.
- Mass Distribution -  multiple copies are distributed at key locations throughout the region

Our Coverage and Distribution AreaEnergy Ink Coveragea and Distribution



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Mine Coverage




Target Demographic:  Energy Ink’s readership includes:
- CEO's, board members, managers and key decision makers
- energy workers at all levels
- heavy transportation workers in the energy industry
- the general public

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Economic Profile of Core Demographic (for commercial advertising interests)

Potential Readership (central coverage region-MT, ND, WY)
energy workers :                                                                                 40,540*
total heavy transportation workers:                                                       8,300*
general population of our central coverage region                            600,000
*This number only represents a portion of the actual number as the BLS withholds data on several jobs to protect business interests. 

Readership Profile
Male  (85%)
Age 25-60
Ave. Earning $55,000 to $89,000

Coal Mining Demographics
Annual Coal Mining Wages vs. All Industries, 2011
                                    Coal Mining              All other industries
                                     (average)                  (average)
Montana                   $78,119                      $34,518
North Dakota           $89,048                      $42,098
Wyoming                  $81,709                      $42,915

Average wages for Bakken area wokers is upwards of $80,000

- Wyoming heavy trucking employees earn the 2nd highest average salary by state at $61,000.
- Montana and North Dakota trucking employees are tied at 11th highest average salary by state at $52,000.

Regional Corporate Numbers
Of the top 15 Ranked coal mines by production in 2010 in the U.S.
- 10 are in Wyoming
- 2 In Montana
- 1 in North Dakota 

- There are nearly 6,900 coal mining Employees at these 13 facilities alone.

Western North Dakota:
- Western North Dakota is hosting the largest oil play in the lower 48 states.
- The Mining industry led all industries with the largest share of total wages at 44.4%.
- The Average Annual Wage in Williston is $57,313.00. This is a 20% increase over last year (2010) and an 80% increase since 2006.
- Oil and Gas Industry projected job growth: 32% per year for years 2012-2016
- North Dakota’s unemployment rate is the lowest in the nation at 3.6 percent

Northeastern Wyoming
- 9 of the 10 top coal producing mines in the nation are located in this region
- The unemployment rate in Gillette is half of the national rate at 4.1%
- Household income in Gillette outpaces the national average by 20K at $70,640.

Eastern Montana
- Bloomberg Business Week – “Oil drilling and high prices for crops and livestock are boosting the economy in rural eastern Montana”
- In the first six months of 2012, the state issued 225 new drilling permits — almost as many as in all of 2011. –all in Eastern Montana
- There is no state sales tax
- The unemployment rate in Billings is nearly half of the national rate at 4.7%


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