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Our Summer issues often take a break from the heavier info as the energy industry as a whole is without question in the most critical period it has ever faced.  Coal and oil are in trouble.  Natural gas seems more optimistic than it should be. Renewables are fading fast...

Behind the Times
The Energy Industry sits in a strange space when it comes to innovation.  It’s almost schizophrenic in this space as it is simultaneously at the cutting edge of technological  advancement while fighting harder than any other industry to ignore it.  Exploration and Production is the easiest example to point to in this analysis as fracking technology is state of the art and ever-evolving...

Power Logistics
The energy infrastructure, power capacity, and energy delivery of any nation is without debate, inexorably reliant on the trucking industry.  This should be an obvious statement to all Americans, but even those who have a grasp on the critical importance of trucking to the nation, and...   

The Dangerous Business of Energy Trucking
This issue of Energy Ink is for the truckers.  We’ve always included at least one article about the trucking industry in each issue because of trucker’s importance to the energy industry.  Two and a half years ago, when we were still a fairly new publication, our third issue…

Test Your Knowledge
So, if you’re a trucker and not really interested in hearing more about what you should be doing to be safer, maybe you should prove your knowledge of the notion that you do know better than those who aren’t behind the wheel. If your not a trucker, the information herein is rather eye-opening in regards to the dangers these guys face.  The questions are in bold…. The answers are in the paragraph that follows...

Nikola One Electric Semi
Upon seeing the Nikola One, Nikola Motors’ revolutionary electric semi-tracker design, I immediately remembered one of John Wayne’s most popular movies, “Big Jake”.  Taking place in 1909, Wayne hunts the men who kidnapped his grandson with his sons, the youngest of which is embracing the technology of the turn of the century to help in the hunt.  Son Michael rides a motorcycle into battle while holstering the …

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